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Russian Banya / Balya


A traditional wood-fired sauna with increased humidity. A one-time session in the Russian banya improves mood, soothes nerves and stress and brings the body into the state of complete relaxation.

By using the Russian banya regularly, you can strengthen the whole body and its immunity. Sessions also support the removal of toxins from the body and positively influence blood circulation and respiratory system.

For diet and weight loss enthusiasts, it’s worth mentioning that the Russian banya is also useful in this aspect of 21st century life.

Inside the sauna, temperature is between 70-120 degrees Celsius, humidity is between 10-40% and the heat source is a wood-fired furnace.


The sauna can be used by anyone who can reach it.

An important element of using the Russian banya is to abide by general rules of using any sauna. The best time for using the Russian banya is the evening, when we have already eaten and want to rest or support our digestive system. You must remember to take a cold shower and then dry your body before entering the sauna. The Russian banya should be used without clothes (or with a towel) because all types of swimsuits can negatively affect the whole process. Also remember to put the towel under the body to avoid skin burns.

First, enter the heated up banya and heat up your body for several minutes (like with everything, not too much!).

Then leave the banya and gradually cool your body in cold water, e.g. the Krutynia river located nearby.

The next stage is rest, during which your body temperature should get back to normal. Repeat the whole cycle 3-5 times. At the end, cool and dry your whole body

The sauna removes anger and dries up the bile accumulated in our bodies throughout the day.

Price list

Russian Banya


140zł Firing up (regardless of the number of people)

Balya (hot tub with warm water and massage, wood-fired) 7 people max.


260zł heating up (regardless of the number of people)

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